Development ROADMAP

Hello Everyone!

We will post our dev roadmap as we build the game so that you guys know what we are currently working on and what will developed next! These are the main big features that we want to implement. We will create specific discussions for the ones we need specific inputs from you, but you are welcome to launch a discussion on any of them in advance !

So here is our current roadmap for after the release of the early access:

- Improve Solo/Coop missions (add more types of missions)
- Split Screen (you will have the choice between shared or split screen)
- Steam Achievements
- Steam Leaderboards
- Teams : you will be able to play in teams in all multiplayer modes
- Forest theme with 3 new levels
- Ninja powers - Waterfall theme with 3 new levels
- Weapons
- More eye candy bonuses and Mission progression rework
- Online multiplayer
- Steam trading cards

All of these are our main objectives and the main vision of what the game would have. And we are really happy to share that with you :)

Cheers !

- Corbak

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