Made for the Ludum Dare 42 - Running out of space !

In this game you will play as a white cell and try to eradicate some threats from different organs.
You will need to seek & destroy without dying.

It is a pretty generic style game but we had a lot of fun making it and of course I hope you will get to let us know what things you do like or not. Critics are welcome :)

Some important informations:
- Toxic waste slows you
- Eating bacteria slows you
- You can get stuck if you pass too much time playing (purposely)
- In order to kill a bacteria with your antibodies (left-click) you need to eat it before.
- If you are stuck because you are too big, you can hit SPACE to loose some toxic waste (emergency only)

WASD (or arrows) - move
left-click - Launching antibodies

music by:
LD page:$99546


LD42GlobulatorWindows.rar 47 MB

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