Devlog #1 | 0.0.1 - Eyes emotion system & Pre-release fixes

Hello shinobies !

the game is going to launch very soon in early access and we fixed a lot of issues and added a new functionality: eyes emotion system !

The game contains 8 state of eyes emotions, each of them are activated on different occasions (when hit, when killed, etc.) but we will let you the surprise of discovering them and how do they work !

  • normal
  • closed
  • happy
  • cheeky
  • angry
  • embarrassed
  • surprised
  • dead

We will keep on updating and improve and add more content as the game lives. We hope to hear from you and we are ready for any feedback, please let us know 🙂

  • UI fixes
    • some missing sounds
    • player selection screen layout improved
    • better level thumbnails
    • better mission descriptions and icons
    • better end game stats screen
  • Gameplay
    • ignore dead body collisions with players
    • improved AI navigation algorithm and AI paths
    • improved step algorithm
    • New eye emotion system!
  • Level Design
    • fixed traditional lamps positions and mechanism

-Corbak Games

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