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Hello everyone !
We come on Itch.io to share with great pleasure this little game we were working on for the last 17 months: Shinobi Bad Buddies !

In Shinobi Bad Buddies you will play a little ninja in a colorful world inspired by japanese culture. You will be able to play solo or in co-op in missions or in multiplayer.

Learn to use your ninja hook !

and use it to overcome many obsactles and foes during your journey. Swing between platforms, shuriken your ennemies and swing again like nothing happened.

Your main weapons are your shurikens !

You can throw them, you can pick them up from the ground, you can deflect them and you can get killed ! But when you run out of shurikens, only your melee skills can keep you alive long enough to reach that last shuriken stuck in the ground... If you complete the missions you will unlock other types of weapons making you even more unstopable!

The Solo or Co-op missions

These will test your skills and perseverance in a challenging try & die experience, defeating your enemies or sneaking in their back to reach different mission goals is up to you. Completing the missions in harder difficulty modes will unlock different in-game rewards that will be useful to the gameplay or not !

Having a party at home?

Plug in some controllers, challenge your friends and play to up to 4 players locally in one of the 2 multiplayer modes in deathmatch or team deathmatch: Deathmatch, Sushi Hunt.


shinobibadbuddies.rar 109 MB