Made for the Ludum Dare 43: Sacrificies must be made
( /!\ this is the original jam submission)

We decided to do a quest in a dungeon with enemy waves. Each time you end a wave you need to sacrifice some of your stuffs (or more?)
Will you be able to finish it and kill the boss? :)

WASD (or ZQSD): to move
left-click:  to attack (you can hold it)
scroll wheel: to chose between the sword and the bow
esc: to get back to menu

LD43 page:


Download 18 MB


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Wow thats a tough one!
Really clever idea, nice sfx, cool graphics.

Thank you for your nice words :)

The evolution of player mechanics and how that balances with the increasing difficulty is Brilliant! Just BRILLIANT!

Thank you, you are being too nice :)