Made for Brackeys Game Jam 2: Love Is Blind
( /!\ This is the original jam submission)

In The Curse of Malnoir you need to find a cure for your husband that gets transformed at night into a werewolf wandering in the village.

In order to cure him, you need to find 3 objects that are randomly dispersed in the village and each time you find one you need to bring it back.
If you wait until the 5th night, he will forever be a werewolf.

You need to stop that curse and avoid the guards that mistake you for a thief or you will get caught.
You need to avoid that the guards get eaten by the werewolf or the doc would not be able to live with this on his conscience.
And of course you need to avoid the werewolf at all cost if you want to survive another night.

Arrow keys to move
X to talk/sprint/search
C to place a piece of meat on the ground and distract the werewolf
V to throw a stone in your moving direction to distract the guard

Music: WrathGames Studio from


TheCurseOfMalnoirPC.rar 21 MB

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